Ilesh Patel

Business Unit Lead for Generation and Trading

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Ilesh is the Business Unit Lead for Generation and Trading and has 20 years’ experience in advising utilities, regulators, government, investors and lenders on strategy, regulatory and commercial issues. Ilesh has been instrumental in transforming power and gas markets in Europe since the 1990s, working on liberalisation and privatisation, energy policy, market reform and design, and transmission network regulation. He has also been an advisor for high profile power and gas asset transactions and energy infrastructure investors, contract and commercial structures, energy trading and risk management and has been called on as an expert witness. During a period in which global power markets are experiencing unprecedented change, new energy technologies are emerging which are creating a more distributed and decentralised energy system and the business models of utilities and energy investors are needing to adapt to these changes, Ilesh has been leading work for his clients to evaluate alternative strategies for entering new markets, launching new products, investing in new technologies and adopting new business models. His work has helped these clients develop, define and successfully implement these strategies. Recently, he has led work on renewable energy projects, new energy technologies, distributed energy and interconnectors. He has advised on over 20 electricity and gas interconnector projects, 10 GW of onshore wind, solar and offshore wind projects, battery and electricity storage projects. This has included work for renewables developers and power generators in markets in South East Asia, UAE, Africa and South America. He lives in London with his wife Catriona and their two boys who keep them both fit. He particularly enjoys watching (no longer playing!) cricket and has an enviable collection of energy related art!
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