Gary Cafe

Energy Manager

Working At

Air Products


Gary Cafe is an Energy & Sustainability Strategist and Engineer with more than 10 years’ experience driving the global energy transition toward smart consumption and renewables. His strength is identifying regulatory and market opportunities that benefit both consumers and suppliers across energy, telecoms, oil and chemicals sectors. Currently Energy Manager at a progressive and energy intensive company, Air Products, Gary has increased its competitiveness by being one of the most active DSR participants in the industry and has recently driven their move to renewable energy. Gary currently lives in Amsterdam where he can be found fending off friendly jests about his e-bike from friends and colleagues who insist on driving to work or baseball. He holds an MSc in Energy Studies & Renewable Energy from Murdoch University, a Bachelors of Electrical and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Technology, Sydney, and is a PMBOK certified Project Manager.
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