Clemens Wagner-Bruschek

Energy Market Specialist

Working At



It was never-ending curiosity and a fondness for solving complex problems that drove Clemens Wagner-Bruschek to study mathematics. Having graduated with highest honours from the University of Vienna he pursued his passion for analytical and strategic thinking as a consultant for leading energy and finance undertakings. Spending several years in management and technical consulting broadened both his skills and interests. After leading several projects on the implementation of regulatory requirements across the whole energy value chain, he turned to the design and enforcement of market rules as an employee of the Austrian energy regulator E-Control. As an energy market specialst he works in E-Control's economics division on market surveillance (REMIT) and its interrelations with financial market regulation as well as data management and data analysis issues. In all this time his interest in new developments and technologies never stopped and so it was just a matter of time until he dedicated part of his work to understand blockchains and to analyse their potential for modern markets...
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